LISA Academy - READY TO LEARN - District Support Plan for 2020-2021

Ready to Learn Graphic
The information in this document is provided in compliance with the Arkansas
Division of Elementary and Secondary Education requirement for a District Support
Plan for COVID-19. The plan has been developed with guidance from DESE, LISA
Academy leaders, and parents. All of the information is current at the time of
publication. Due to the dynamic nature of the ongoing situation, this plan is
subject to change, if necessary, to ensure student/staff safety or by directives
issued from state authorities. Any necessary changes will be communicated with
students, parents, staff and the community as quickly as possible.
School Supply Lists/Lista de suministros
Please read through the lists carefully, as some of the lists have changed from years past. 
Student Academic Calendar 2020-21
Reference this schedule for all school breaks, parent teacher conferences, and potential inclement weather days.