Virtual Talent Show

Usually we would have auditions and practice days that come before our students’ spotlight debuts. However, given our circumstances we have opted to make this year a Virtual Talent Show. Students will still get the chance to show us all of the amazing things they can do – not that we didn’t know your children are amazing already – and see what their friends can do too! Please see the following instructions and guidelines for participating in this year’s show.

  1. Students may perform any talent that is school appropriate. No profane lyrics or violence will be allowed in a students’ performance. Student who wish to submit visual art may do so in two ways: send in a photo of them holding their creation or a video of them explaining their creation.
  2. In order to allow as many participants as possible, ALL video submissions must be kept under 2 minutes in duration.
  3. Submit your video no later than MONDAY, MAY 12 @ 8:00am.
  4. Be on the lookout in your email inbox on Wednesday, May 20 for the compilation video of all of our student’s wonderful talents!

 Although we are not allowed to gather in the auditorium and perform on stage this is an opportunity to talk to and practice with your children stage presence. Be sure to encourage your child to practice their talent to feel very comfortable about their final performance for video. We want to see where our students’ passions lie and how they can put their best foot forward!

 If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Mabb ([email protected])

Ms. Mabb